Musical Instruction

If you are interested in private lessons, I teach in Nashville, TN, and my current rate is $40 for an in-home hour lesson. To set up a lesson, you can email me through my contact page.

Not in Nashville?  I do Skype lessons too!

I perform and teach a variety of styles including jazz, rock, blues, R&B, funk, soul, country, Brazilian, acoustic, solo guitar and classical. I have taught students ranging in ability from absolute beginner to pre-collegiate music students, and work with students from preschool to adult. I also teach ukulele.

Pictures of me and my students:

A student testimonial from Vinodh Rajaopalan, who studied with me at the Stafford Music Academy:

 “Neil is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor. He is very clear in communicating what he expects and how to get it out of me through various tricks and tips. He has always had good suggestions for any difficulties I have with learning. 

My experience was so smooth so far that it never appears like a student–teacher session but a very friendly one and so I always look forward to it. The sessions are always positive with lots of exchanges of thoughts and always something good for me to take away. Neil is very inspiring with his playing style and directs me to a lot of cool guitar accessories and resources. He is highly encouraging and has been a strong factor for my growth in learning guitar. 

Being an Indian, I love to learn and play a lot of Indian songs and Neil was very supportive of that. He helped transcribe a lot of Indian songs/music into notes and is extremely accurate in doing so from listening to the song. I am very happy to be his student and could not have found a better instructor/teacher for guitar.”